The Shih Tzu (also known as Chrysanthemum Dog), is a ‘Toy Dog’ breed which is little with a short muzzle and large dark eyes. It was said to be bred by the Tibetan Lamas in the ancient times which as believed to be a tiny replica of a lion which is associated with the Buddhist mythology. They have deep connections with the Chinese history. Shih Tzu means Lion dog in Chinese. They grew popular in the US and then slowly became a famous house pet all over the world. Shih Tzu’s were always bred to have a stylish appearance as they were initially kept by the Chinese royals. The little fur ball has come a long way from being a royal dog to now being a very common house pet all over the world.


MALE 23–28 centimetres (9.1–11.0 in)
FEMALE 20–25 centimetres (7.9–9.8 in)

MALE 4.99–8.618 kilograms (11.00–19.00 lb)
FEMALE 4.53–8.16 kilograms (10.0–18.0 lb)

Minimal shedding. They have hair as opposed to fur in most dogs


Brushing frequency 

Rec. Walk Mileage per week (6miles)

Activity Level

Activity Level

Shih Tzu Temperament

Although the name Shih Tzu means a little lion but these dogs are very affectionate, outgoing and interacts well with other pets. They can live in any sized home and respond well to obedience training. Since they are lap dogs so they are not very active and need just a small walk around the block. However, they are great watchdogs and instantly start barking when they see someone approaching towards their loved ones. Shih Tzu’s are peaceful with other pets but are strong and sturdy as well.