What our clients say

Terry from Texas here I just have to say I am really impressed with Shih Tzu pets home. I went down to their breeding ground they proposed this cutie to me, She is the best behaved puppy I have ever had. She is so sweet. She has settled in very well and very much loved. She enjoys being in the car, we travel a lot and she is a great traveler. Shih Tzu are just the best and you guys are amazing. Thanks again Shih Tzu Pets Home.

Its been all lively around here, I had doubts about getting one of these guys especially online. I am absolute amazed at the delivery I got, well in time and with all the promised additions and benefits. They are a delight to be with and my kid love them soo much. Its been Terrence from Ohio. A brother of mine is looking to adopting one of your babies I hope he calls you. Can’t thank you enough. 

Hi I am Jenifer from Arizona I was looking to add to our family and we found this site on the Internet through google. This guys made us feel like we were part of their family. We have had Champ for five months now and we still keep in contact with them to give updates and get any advice or help that is needed.


Hello there Shih Tzu Petshome, its Madison I am sure you guys remember me, I am the one who had unending questions 🙂 Well I just wanted to share my joy and gratitude upon receiving Melisa It was the best morning surprise of the season. Thanks for staying true to your values. Keep doing your great job and spreading joy to multiple families I love you guys. 


Oh she is so smart and very loving. The Gomez family here at Los Angeles, are very happy having her as a family memeber
We can’t imagine life without her now. We go for a romp every morning, freezing or not, and she just loves it. Again thank you for our friend.